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June 6, 2006


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May 30, 2006

FatGuyGetsFit Episode 3 / May 30, 2006

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FatGuyGets FIt Episode 3 : What are you Wearing? Are you Gonna Eat That? Dig in and Push! and Experience Life magazine.

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Mentioned in the show: Experience Life Magazine can be found here: http://www.lifetimefitness.com/magazine/

Mentioned in the show: C9 by Champion site here: http://www.championcatalog.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce/ExecMacro/storefront.d2w/report?ENTRY_TAG=GOOGLC&cm_ven=Paid%20Search&cm_cat=Google&cm_pla=HomePage%20Champion&cm_ite=champion

Send me your comments and your blog sites to check in with your progress!

May 27, 2006

FatGuyGetsFit 1 Minute Nutrition Hack: Spinach

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FatGuyGetsFit 1 Minute Nutrition Hack: Spinach

Spinach! It's not just for Popeye any more.

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FatGuyGetsFit 1 Minute Fitness Hack: Cubicle Exercise

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FatGuyGetsFit 1 Minute Fitness Hack: Cubicle Exercise

Get a digital timer and set it for 25 minutes. When it goes off, go for a walk, stretch, get some water. Try standing up at your cubicle more often. Fidgeting helps you burn more calories.

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May 25, 2006

Please Come Vote

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If you're using iTunes to listen to Fat Guy Gets Fit, please consider logging in and voting / writing a review of the show on the iTunes store. Simply click the podcasts button on the left. Then click the arrow to the right of Fat Guy Gets Fit. This brings you to the "landing page." There, you'll see the rating and review options. 

I'd appreciate your help in spreading the word. If you like the show, please make it known. If there's something I could be doing better, let me know that, too?

 Did you get the two 1 minute casts? Do you like that format? I'd love some feedback on that. 

And thanks! 

May 24, 2006

FatGuyGetsFit Fast Fitness Fat Hack 1

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Fast Fitness Fat Hack 1: Get and Use a Jumprope. They burn lots of calories, are easy to use, inexpensive, and they are old school, man!

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What do you think of the 1 minute format?  

FatGuyGetsFit Fast Fat Hack 1

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FatGuyGetsFit Fast Fat Hack 1 : Skip the Bread.

Want to save calories quick? Skip the bread on sandwiches. A typical slice of whole grain bread has up to 140 calories. That's almost 300 calories of grain for a simple sandwich.

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Fat Guy Gets Fit Episode 2- Budget Fitness, Smoothies, Commitment Card, and A Passion for Running

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Fat Guy Gets Fit Episode 2- Budget Fitness, Smoothies, Commitment Card, and A Passion for Running

Running Time: 14 Minutes File Size: 13.7MB

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Fitness: Budget Fitness, including stretching and core work. (Disclaimer: check with your doctor before… you know the drill). Exercises include the hip crossover, crunches, hand walk, pushups, planks, supermans, lunges,

Nutrition: Smoothies! Hooray! My recipe:

1 cup frozen berries

1/2 cup All Bran

2 tablespoons lowfat or fat free yogurt

1/4 cup nuts (walnuts or almonds)

1 tbsp honey

Blend it and serve it. 8 ounces is about 180 calories. You might want 1.5 servings to make a meal.

Self-Esteem: Commitment Card. Take a 3×5 index card and on each line, write one reason why you're getting fit this time, or write a reminder for a troubled area. Try to avoid using negatives like "don't" or "no." Try to frame this in its best light.

Website Review: A Passion for Running and the Running Blog Family. 750 of your closest friends. Go there.

Feedback: Spread the word! If you're on Apple iTunes, please write me a review by clicking THIS. If you're willing to post about me on your site, I'd appreciate the links. Send them to FatGuyGetsFit.com. Want buttons? I've got those too. And thanks!

Books Mentioned In This Podcast:
I'm so sorry. WordPress seems to keep eating my efforts at posting links to Amazon. The books were Core Performance, by Mark Verstegen, and The Abs Diet Eat Right Every Time Guide by David Zinczenko


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May 18, 2006

Episode 1- Philosophy of Fitness, Nutrition, Inner Critics, and Marla

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Philosophy of Fitness, Nutrition, the Inner Critic, and Marla.

Show Notes:

Duration: 13:44 File Size: 16.5MB

In Fitness, I discuss my basic philosophy, including total body versus isolation exercises, bodyweight exercises as an alternative to gym memberships, and a suggested exercise, the bodyweight chair squat. In nutrition, I discussed the basic nutrition model I started with, adapted from Jorge Cruise's book listed below. In Self-Esteem, we discussed the Inner Critic, a concept covered on Dr. Matthew McKay's book, listed below. We talked about Someday is Now, Marla's site. Go check it out and let her know I sent you. Please send all and any feedback to me via email, or by the comment button below.
Materials Mentioned During Podcast:

8 Minutes in the Morning, Real Shapes Real Sizes by Jorge Cruise, and Self-Esteem, by Dr. Matthew McKay 

Listen to the Show:

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Link to the mp3 file is HERE

May 14, 2006

Episode Beta- Walking, Water, Words, and Fig

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Show Notes

First, there's a technical glitch I didn't get edited out. After the Grasshopper Factory "audio logo," the theme music drowns me out. You don't miss much. I just say welcome back. Wait for the theme music to die, and the whole podcast sounds great. (Sorry, and that'll be fixed for next week).

Topics this week: Walking briskly, Water consumption, Watching our Words, and site review of Fig's Blog.

Products mentioned:

File Location: HERE

Length: 15:03 , File size: 18MB

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